Tricks I learned This Winter for Saving Money around the House

When winter arrives, all I want to do is eat and sleep. The cold can be unbearable and a serious drain on the budget of my home. As a thrifty guy, I have learned how to stretch my budget during every season, especially during the winter months. Check out the little tricks below to help you be comfortable during the winter without breaking the bank!

Space Heaters
One of the major costs of the winter months is heating. When the temperatures drop outside, you want to be toasty and warm. The HVAC system of the home will be running nonstop, which means you are constantly spending money to keep your space warm. To cut back on this cost, I use a space heater. I have two space heaters I use in the home in the areas I stay in. For example, I have a heater in the living room area and bathroom. I simply cut back on the overall heating and turn on the space heater to keep myself comfortable without spending a fortune on overall home heating.

Stretching My Food Budget
Food is another big cost no matter the season but the winter months allow for me to stretch my budget further. I like to prepare items that can be eaten over several days to save money. For example, chili or chicken stew can be prepared in bulk for a low cost and eaten over two to three days. This way, I spend much less on my food budget, to save money during the cold winter months. Plus these soups and stews taste great with the cold!

Preset HVAC
Going back to the need for heating, I like to preset my HVAC system to cut down on my heating cost. With a programmable thermostat, I can set the heat to a lower setting while I am away from home. While at work, my unit will turn off and keep my home only as warm as I set it. This way, my unit gets a break and so do my heating bills! The unit turns back on before I arrive home, thanks to the setting on the thermostat, and my home is warm by the time I arrive.

These are just a few of the tricks that I use to keep my budget low during the winter. Think about your lifestyle and which tricks you might could incorporate or how you may take your daily needs and save money in the process.