Top Worries for Opening an Office

If you are thinking about opening an office, there are many concerns and worries that you might be dealing with. While you have to think of the logistics of your office and floor plans, did you know you need to worry about your staff as well?

A lot of people often times overlook the worries that come with the staff who will be working in your office. Here are some of the top five worries you might have about your staff when it comes to opening an office.

Spread of Diseases or Illness

One thing you have to worry about when it comes to opening an office is the spread of various illnesses. Common health issues that can arise with your staff include people bringing in the flu or one person bringing in lice. If one person on your staff has lice and comes into the office, it could actually end up infecting other people, just like the flu or a cold can. Lice are one easily transferable problem in your office because lice jumps from head to head during close contact or can be on carpets.

Setting Up Each Computer

If you are thinking of opening an office, you might be worried about setting up each computer. You have to ensure every computer has the software and hardware needed to run your business effectively. You will need to make sure that each staff member can login to the appropriate software both for training or learning and for general office work. It can be a complicated process setting up all of the computers and getting the right programs working.

Establishing a Paper Mail Process

Opening an office will also require you to go over the paper mail process with your staff. You will need to put a procedure in place so that the staff know where to find paper mail either to send out or to open. You also might want your staff to have their own paper mail slots in some cases. There needs to be a paper mail procedure in place so that nothing important for your office is lost or misplaced by a staff member.

The Millennial Generation

One worry you should have regarding your staff if you are opening an office is the fact the millennial generation is very different than previous generations. You need to be aware that millennial employees do not have the same loyalty as previous generations did to their job or boss. You will need to be more flexible with this generation in terms of whether they can work from home occasionally. You also need to setup some type of reward or peer-recognition for your office as well to keep them happy.

Various Absence Policies

While you might not think of it at first, you need to worry about the absence and vacation policies if you are opening an office. You will need to put procedures in place so that it is clear how far in advance staff can plan their vacations and what that entails. You need to ensure that you give proper notification about what is expected if someone has to call off or call in sick.


There are several things you need to worry about when it comes to your staff, if you are getting ready to open an office. You want your staff to believe in you and trust in you before you even open your office. Knowing all of the solutions to the things you worry about will instill confidence in your workforce and generate revenue for your business.