How to Throw a Holiday Party on a Budget

Throwing a holiday party is always fun but the price that comes with the party is not. Many individuals host Christmas or Valentine’s events that break the bank, placing the individual further into debt. As a thrifty person, I enjoy saving money so any party I host will be on a budget. Over the years I have learned how to manage my finances and find ways to save money, but still throw fabulous parties. Below are a few helpful hints for your next holiday bash.

Potluck Fun
Food is a major expense for any party, especially if you plan on hosting an event for a large group of people. To save money on your food budget, consider planning a potluck. A potluck is when everyone who is invited will bring an item or dish that can be used for the party. You can theme the event, with finger foods being the easiest option. When your friends and family are willing, you can host an event in which everyone chips in so you spend much less than if you had to provide food for the entire party.

If you are hosting an adult party where booze is needed, the price for beverages can quickly add up. Consider making the party BYOB, bring your own beer. This way, individuals can bring what they like and you don’t foot the bill, a win/win! Always have ice and cups on hand to make pouring drinks easy!

Games, Games, Games
Entertainment is another big cost that can affect a party budget. While some individuals will spend an arm and a leg hiring a DJ or musical act for entertainment, I do not have the money for that. I like to host themed nights such as game parties where we mingle together over drinks and board games. We get to know each other this way and have fun. You can have friends bring games they like or use what you have to create a fun night without breaking the bank.

Space for Fun
If you are hosting a large event, you might not have enough space for the party at your home. Venues for events can have a high price tag, be it a flat rate or hourly rate that you probably cannot afford. To cut down on the price, consider using an outdoor space. If you are hosting a barbeque or just want to have a large group of friends come together, why not take your party outside? If you have a large enough outdoor space, you can set up chairs and enjoy a nice evening under the night sky.

You can also use local outdoor spaces for your event. Many parks offer awnings or picnic areas that are perfect for events and have a small cost or are absolutely free! Get to know the outdoor spaces in your area to determine where you could host an event on a small budget.

When hosting a party, you want your space to look special for the big event. From holiday parties to themed events, you can come up with a variety of ways to decorate without breaking the bank. After every holiday, check out local stores to stock up on décor once the items have been discounted. You will save money and be able to have quality decorations for your next holiday or themed party. Think outside the box and purchase items that are solid in color that can have multi-purchase use to save even more!

These are just some of the ideas I use to save on my parties. Consider how you might incorporate these ideas to have an enjoyable holiday party that does not cost a fortune!