How Our Move Went

Moving is hard. I cannot think of a single person I know who enjoys moving, even if the next destination is down the street. We recently moved from our home to a new one and thanks to practical planning and my cheap tricks, we were able to have a successful move. Below are a few of my favorite tips to help you plan your next move, which will hopefully end successfully!

Plan Your Packing
To get started, plan your packing. You don’t want to just pack a box in one room and then move on to the next, having boxes and items placed everywhere. Consider your best plan for packing. It will be easier to pack up the home by starting with the smallest room and work your way to the larger rooms. Get boxes from local retailers to save on what you need to safely transport your items. Then start with the small rooms like bathrooms to get everything packed away and ready for the move.

Do It Yourself
While most people would spend money on a moving van or movers, I like to do the work myself. This way, I can save money on moving my items to the new home. If you have a van or large truck, you will be able to move large items. Smaller cars can move boxes while a larger vehicle will be needed for the bigger items. Consider borrowing a vehicle if you need a truck or van to move such items as mattresses and couches.

Make Time
Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can a move be completed in one day. Make time to move the items that you need for your new home. When you have only a few hours to move, it can make what is already stressful, even more stressful. Carve out a weekend or a few days to make sure you have the time to move to your new home without a hitch.

Ask for Assistance
Do not be afraid to ask for help when you are ready to move. Family and friends should be willing to chip in, especially if you offer to help with their next move or provide pizza and beer. Ask everyone you know so that the move will happen quickly and you will have your new home ready to enjoy in just a few days!

These are just a few of my tricks I use when moving to a new home. Use any or all to help you have a successful move when you purchase a new home or move to a new city.