How Apple is Changing the Marketing Game

Since the release of the iPhone, Apple has had one successful debut after another. There is now no denying that Apple is at the top of their game, turning each of their press conferences into a globally recognized event. More important than any design standard, leadership quality, or company philosophy, is Apple’s raw execution of marketing genius. If there is one thing that Apple has mastered, it is its ability to speak to their customers so well that they have become loyal. If you think that the tools that Apple uses are unique to big corporations, think again. There are many strategies that smaller businesses can take away from Apple to win over a loyal customer base as well. Here are five of them:

Use your audience’s language – Apple shy’s away from using too much techy over the head language in their ads. They know not to speak of gigahertz and processing power. Customers don’t care about this. Customers want to understand what the product can do for them. Present the tangible benefits first. For example, mention features that can be seen and used, like the quality of glass in your product.

Speak with authority – This doesn’t mean that you should hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to voice your ads. Apple shows us that rather than figuring out what your customer supposedly wants, that you should say and create exactly what you want instead. Do you make the best smoothies in town? Show your audience why and don’t wait to be told why. If you need courage, just look at how the critics treated Apple before their iPad release.

Build a family – Everyone knows that Apple’s fan base isn’t leaving anytime soon. Rather than changing up their marketing strategy in some drastic way, they embrace it. Find your niche and cater to it. Use ads to create a sense of loyalty between you and the customer.

The name – An ad isn’t about convincing people to buy a smoothie, or to use a car rental service. An ad is about selling Jamba Juice and Hertz, the brands. Go after the market for your service or product by becoming the face of that service or product, just as Apple has done. Remember that being first counts, to achieve this, use ads to differentiate yourself as soon as possible. While the iPhone wasn’t the first smart phone, Apple created one unique enough to make people at least think it was.

Video – Learn from the way Apple has taken full advantage of the rise of social media and how social media has changed the way online users communicate. Most notable is Apple’s ability to tap into that social network to use videos shot by real iPhone users as a means to advertise the iPhone’s video recording capacity. This is a perfect example of how online video can be used to showcase a product, the ultimate form of showing and not telling. With the emergence of video app’s lie twitter, vine, instagram, and snapchat, the opportunities for releasing short video content for any business is virtually limitless.