Cheap Shopping Spree After Christmas

Being a super cheap guy, I know how to save money on every aspect of life. There are certain time frames throughout the year when you can get great deals on items I need or items I may not want to pay full price for. One of the best times to shop is after the holidays, such as Christmas. I have learned over the years that I can not only stock up on gifts for next year but get wrapping paper, gift tags and so much more at a way cheaper price!

Learn Store Markdowns
The first thing you need to do after the holidays is to keep track of store markdowns. Try to learn which stores mark down items first or at what percentage points. If you keep track of such markdowns, you can pay even less for items. Most stores start out the day after Christmas marking items down 25 to 50 percent. If you can wait out until 70 percent markdown, you will earn the best deals. And of course 90 percent is the ultimate in savings!

Get Your Wrap On
Wrapping paper, bows and gift tags are always needed. I never purchase these items in season. I always wait for the clearance deals to purchase everything I need for wrapping my presents the following year. I try to wait for the 70 to 90 percent sales to get wrapping paper for mere pennies! This way, I can purchase about 10 rolls, and sometimes paying only $1 to $2 total!

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts
Every Christmas you have a list of individuals who you will be purchasing gifts for. You know who you buy for, so consider shopping after Christmas for the next holiday. You can purchase bath sets, gift sets and more at a deep discount after the holiday. Christmas decorations can even be a great gift option for decorators or those in your family who love the holiday.

Think Outside the Box
When it comes to the clearance sales at Christmas, think outside the box. Consider items that can have another purchase. Solid colored gift bags can be used for other holidays or even birthdays. Boxes can be wrapped and used for a number of reasons or you may find other items such as spice sets or bath sets that can be used year round in your home.
Do your research and determine the sales in your area and get to shopping! Stay on top of the sales to get the most for your money!