When anyone I know here’s “Randy Anderson” I know they all think “That cheap b!@#$%&”. Randy Anderson is my name and well, I’m a cheap b!@#$%&. Sorry for the profanity, but I hope that gets the point through. I grew up on a ranch, my family didn’t care about modern day so called “necessities”. We worked with what we had and what we had wasn’t much.


Growing up in such a way really makes you appreciate the smaller things in life. I don’t need the latest and greatest technology, if something is broke I learn how to fix it, and I sure as heck wouldn’t step foot into one of those fancy $5 coffee shops! Some of my friends think I’m crazy for trying to save money in certain ways, but it all just comes down to whats important to you.


I value family, nature, and that constant fight to do the right thing. Money is something that helps me survive, that is all. It is not my path to happiness. Which brings me to the blog, I want to inspire others to stop living with the “more more more more more” mindset.